The King’s College – Senior School Building


Due to increased high enrolment numbers since the completion of the landmark new administration building The King’s College are seeking to undertake a new senior school building to meet the enrolment numbers anticipated in 2019/2020. The proposed new senior school building will cover a 715 sqm footprint. Located at the north – western entrance of the school the new senior school building will significantly increase the schools current brand through its street presence. The new building will comprise of a reception/ foyer/ exhibition area, x2 teachers prep areas, x4 science classrooms, science prep area, x9 general learning areas and toilet facilities.

Referring to proposed locations and strategies outlined in the schools master planning document the proposed senior school building was positioned in response to a desire to utilise vacant land at the North Western end of the site. This location had several key advantages, firstly it would place another landmark building at a prominent boundary of the school site that addresses the community. The risk of this location is that the schools presence in the community is greatly increased and enrolment numbers continue to grow exponentially outstripping available places within the school. Secondly it allows the senior school building to tie in with the existing adjacent classroom buildings at similar finished floor level creating a beautiful courtyard space whilst eliminating the need for ramp access between the buildings. Given the natural fall across the site the northern wing appears to only be 1.5 stories from Bertram Road helping the building fit into its suburban context. The Western wing of the building sits higher above the northern wing to visually break up the mass of the building. The street front elevation is curved following the adjacent road creating a dynamic brand promotional interface with vehicles passing by. The available space enabled the building to fit in the requested program/ brief provided by the school. This also enables the existing slip road to be maintained saving money and ecological foot print.

The two ‘wings’ of the new senior building are juxtaposed in form and materiality; the north wing is a solid curvilinear form, while the west wing has a lighter almost transparent, perpendicular form. The southern elevations of the building open out to the school with glazing, verandahs and walkways.

Status: Currently in Construction 2018