In a rapidly changing “virtual’’ world the importance of ‘’real’’ social interaction and connection is fundamentally crucial to our sense of identity and belonging. At Lantern we aim to create spaces that anchor people to their individual context. Our goal is to help our clients envision a better future, through the power of design. This allows us to continuously deliver rational and innovative solutions through architecture’s potential to enhance humanity with space, light and materiality.

We understand the importance of listening first. We recognise that every project is different, requiring a unique approach to ensure the highest outcome is achieved.

Our designs are not a predetermined style, rather an evolution of design exploration that result in architecture that is appropriately and intimately connected to its individual context and function.

“At Lantern Architecture we sculpt space for human habitation. My passion is creating beautiful, powerful spaces and places that become imbedded in the memory of those who experience them.”

Clinton Matthews, Director

Queen Street Perth