Initial meet to determine if we are the right fit for the project.

Produce and review project brief to determine fees, time frame, suitability etc.

Agree on fee structure and deliverables.

Architectural sketch of a building
Lantern Architecture


Attend site and review opportunities against the brief.

Initial contact with local authorities.

Research the site constraints and opportunities.


Produce concept sketches.

Produce more concept sketches.

Refine and produce more concept sketches.

Present concept sketches to client for discussion when the architect feels they have a presentable scheme.

Meet with clients to present concept, conversation around the ideas.

Client takes time to consider the concept and provides constructive feed back.

Architect refines the concepts with feedback in mind.

This process of refinement to continue until the best design response is agreed between the parties.

Architectural sketch of a building
Lantern Architecture


Client approves architect to proceed with Design Development.

Architect produces BIM drawings and model testing ideas, dimensions, regulations etc.

Architect produces appropriate drawings and information to submit to the local authority for assessment. This may have multiple authorities that require input. This will impact on time frames.

Negotiate the project through the development approvals process.


Architect coordinates sub consultant team.

Building approval process.

Tender the project to approximately 3-5 building contractors.

Evaluate the tender responses and make a recommendation to the client.

Facilitate the signing of construction contract documents.

Construction phase.

Defects period.

Technical drawing